1. fold's Avatar
    Seems like it has slipped out of our minds, but this Friday is the drawing for the $2,000 giveaway! Anyone feeling lucky?!
    05-28-07 04:57 PM
  2. anon(153966)'s Avatar
    Ha! Might have slipped your mind, but not mine...

    It's about time I won something, somewhere! I remember signing up for Sony Ericsson's free w610i. All you had to do was register your email address, and they were giving one away FREE everyday for about 3 months. I never won.

    Hopefully the Gods are watching me this week...
    05-28-07 08:07 PM
  3. fold's Avatar
    I won't start making a list of what I want, but there are definately some awesome accessories and software I would love to own. And an 8800. And a Curve. And the WIFI BB when it comes out. Wait, didn't I say I won't make a list?
    05-28-07 09:44 PM
  4. kasperapd's Avatar
    I could use it post-dated to cover my London trip tomorrow.
    05-28-07 09:54 PM
  5. tmag2005's Avatar
    I could use it to.....
    05-29-07 01:47 PM
  6. DearFloyd's Avatar
    Yeah its just so hard to stay faithful when you want the latest and greatest. I hope my 8703 isnt reading this...
    05-29-07 01:59 PM