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    Left: standard MicroUSB AB port
    Right: standard MicroHDMI port
    Middle: standardized charging port/support

    the distances between the ports awill be standardized. the HDMI port will handle video and digital audio, while the USB port will handle communications.

    the charging support will be designed to withstand the weight of the device without bending, and is tapered and grooved to make aligning very easy.

    the charging part will have sufficient pins needed to communicate with the device, so it can on demand output 5V, 10V, or whatever the device requests. will also slow to trickle when told to do so.

    the usb and hdmi ports could have some sort of spring below, to ensure a proper connections.

    Ideally this is standardized with little or no licensing fees, so that most companies are free to adopt this.

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    03-30-12 10:39 PM
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    I like your concept. BUT. Never gonna happen.

    First off, we need the companies to adopt the same charging port standard. Most manufacturers have switched to micro usb but i know of at least one that didn't, it's kind off fruity. Apple will not budge.

    I'm picking on Apple because, let's face it 90% of all mobile accessories (speakers, docking stations, whatever...) are build for Apple products. So in order to get to a standard the big A will have to support it.

    Let's take a look at the reality and facts here. Standardized ports are awesome and would allow for any range of accessories to be inter operable between brands.
    Apple exclusive accessories ..... DONE.
    Now as you might know, Apple likes exclusive and won't let this happen, i'm sure their 'docking port' is patented so they make money on every official accessory sold... you do the math.

    Second, this effectively halts design innovation, as every designer needs to take the dimensions of these standards into effect and incorporate it into his design.

    I think you're dreaming of an utopia, not soon to come.
    I'd rather see a global electric outlet standard first .... baby steps
    03-31-12 04:59 AM
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    I never said anything about Apple. Having them support a universal standard is a lost cause.

    But if other manufacturers could decide on a standard, this would become the best alternative.
    03-31-12 11:27 AM