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    My work phone is eligible for an upgrade, which is awesome because I'm currently stuck using an old 7130e. My dilemma is two-fold. I am undecided on choosing between the 8830WE and new Curve 8330 for Verizon for starters. The 8830 is certainly a more professional-looking device and I work in a consulting firm, so that's an issue to me. I'm not sure I'm too thrilled with the 8830 keypad though from what little I have messed around with it. Also, my personal phone is an 8310 with ATT - decided to stick with this to separate personal and work lines and because most of my friends and family have ATT so the calls are mostly free. If I were to switch completely over to Verizon and use just one phone for everything, I am thinking of choosing the Curve since I love the one I currently have and it's virtually the same.

    I am curious to hear from those who currently carry two phones or may be in a similar predicament in choosing between the 88XX or 83XX. Also, my job does not require international travel (yet), so the 8830 is not a slam dunk decision here.

    I should note that, although the new Storm looks pretty cool from what I have seen, I don't think I would be able to use a full touchscreen device for work. Plus, I would have to wait till November to get one anyways.

    To save an extra $100 a month, switch over to a Verizon curve, or keep my ATT curve, and upgrade to the 8830WE for work purposes? Decisions, decisions. There is also the thought that I could try out the 8830 for a short while and if I don't like it, exchange for a curve. Does Verizon allow trial periods like this for corporate accounts, or is it a case by case basis?

    Long post with many questions, but any and all feedback here is greatly appreciated.

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    09-24-08 07:19 PM