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    I thought this could be an interesting converstion. THe idea is to identify a company that you think would sync well with RIM.

    My idea would be MoboTap

    WHy? Because I love what they are doing with the dolphin browser. The latest update for the android is amazingly slick and smooth, and it seems built for gestures (just like BB QNX on the Playbook). They seem to be innovating quickly, and it would give RIM (what I would consider) the best browser on the market (note that you can't compare the PB version we get to the latest Android version).

    They seem to have the people that can make a good product, update it consistently, and have updates that are massive imporvements over previous versions. Just what RIM needs in this quickly innovating industry.
    04-12-12 08:59 PM
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    RIM doesn't have the available cash and resources to continue to purchase and assimilate company's under the RIM umbrella

    Lets assume BB10 is successful, and RIM sees a growing ASP, and a record setting quarter for both subscription numbers, and handset sales .
    in 2013 I'd like RIM to look at aquiring

    Cobra Electronics NASDAQ:COBR
    This Medium sized Electronics company specializes in Trucking GPS, and communications tools, RIM could bring the PlayBook into the Trucking Industry as a GPS unit, as well as bring BES integration into tracking and servicing trucking, and transportation, this could be expanded into the Taxi market, and other service vehicles, Any Fleet vehcile market, this could compliment the work QNX Auto is already doing, and improve blackberry maps tools immensely,

    Chase Payment (privately heald)
    With this acquisition it would give RIM direct access to banks, and point of sale terminals to further the push for NFC payment locations, and BlackBerry integration, with RIM controlled Point of sale terminals integration and controls could be set up for BES installations connecting and tracking information. RIM would be able to further their BlackBerry wallet concept as they already have access to Banks, BlackBerry Wallet could effectively be an alternative to Interact payments, this would make it much harder for a person to leave BlackBerry as a platform of choice, and this opens up new avenues of Enterprise expense control approving expenses at the point of sale for specific values.

    Nightingale EMR CVE:NGH
    I want RIM to move into Electronic Medical Records, and Hospital Management, ideally they would take a semi cloud solution like Nightingale and improve upon it and integrate it with BES, so I would say for 30 Million or less it would be a nice starter buy, with RIM in the Hospitals and Doctors offices, Medical app integration would come much faster than it is now, Apple is getting a stonghold due to 3rd party applications in medicine, but I know many Doctors who wish they could get ipad apps on the PlayBook because it is the perfect size, the iPhone is too small, iPad too large, RIM would grab the back end, which they are good at, and then move to the front end of the Medical profession.

    Those are 3 acquisitions I would like to see RIM accomplish if BB10 is successful and RIM is on the path to recovery and an attempt to gain a strong market position.
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    04-12-12 09:26 PM