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    I have a BUNCH of contacts that have multiple phone numbers. For example, one contact has 3 different office numbers (because he works out of three diff offices).

    I used to have a Palm Treo and had a third party app that I used to manage phone calls. When dialing with this app, it totally ignored everything after a colon.

    So John Smith's contact info looked something like this:

    Work - 573.555.1234:JC Office
    Work2 - 573.666.1234:CLMB Office
    Work 3 - 573.333.1234:Ham Office

    Now that I'm on a Tour 9630, I changed the colons to pauses. When I call such a contact, they hear tones in their ear representing the letters that I've used for comments.

    In addition, when such a contact calls from one of these phones, my BB sees the caller ID without the "comments" and doesn't recognize that it's the same number.

    Even if it takes a third party app to do it, I'd like to find a way to have part of the phone number ignored (treated as a comment).

    My Tour has BBOS

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    The blackberries are programed, they pick up letters with the number that would be attached to them. So when you have to call 1-800-best-buy you don't have to try and figure out what BEST and BUY /in numbers/ are on a typical land line based phone. as far as i know there is know why to remove that feature since it is programed into the phone's ROM.

    I'm sure someone might think of a way to it, but when i had that problem. i just use the notes field down at the bottom of the contact entry area.
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    Thanks. Yes--I knew about the dial letters as numbers thing. I was hoping there might some way (even if it takes a 3rd party app) to strip the comment portion and pass ONLY the phone number to the BB to be dialed.
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    You could set your address book to allow duplicate entries, then separate the numbers to their own entry then label each individually like Steve Johnson- Ham Office and that is what you would see in the caller Id sorry but that's about all I can think of.
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    You could use the wait command and then when dialing it will dial whatever is before the wait and popup a message and you can select skip. For example 573.555.1234 w JC Office

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