1. jkpitcher's Avatar
    I remember earlier this year, I think during CES, they showed a clear protective skin that did not use any adhesive. I thought it is supposed to be available in May but I am not sure. I have been trying to find information on it but have not been able to. Does anyone remember this and know the name or a website I can find information on it?
    04-24-10 03:50 PM
  2. jkpitcher's Avatar
    ok so I was able to finally find the product. It is the case-mate go bare skin. The crackberry blog about it during CES said available in mid Febraury. After going to the website it is only available for the iphone which sucks. Oh well, maybe it will be available soon.
    04-24-10 04:22 PM
  3. jbeachy's Avatar
    04-24-10 07:52 PM