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    I test drove a Tour a few months back. In one of my cars, I have a Clarion bluetooth BLT370 adapter connected to my head unit. When connecting via bluetooth, the phone calls work fine, but the audio does not stream. The indicator lights on the BLT370 indicate data is being transferred, but I hear nothing. With the Tour, the media controls worked also; I could stop, play, FF & RW.

    Fast forward 4 months. I now have a Curve2. Between the Tour and the Curve2, I had a Moment w/ Android and Intrepid w/ WinMo. Both worked fine for media and phone calls.

    The Curve2 behaves the same as the Tour did, but with no media controls. The phone makes/receives calls just fine. But again, there is no media audio. The indicator lights show data being transferred, but no audio again.

    I've tried resetting the phone, the adapter, re-pairing, etc. All with no luck, on either phone.

    Any thoughts? Anyone have the BLT370 w/ their Clarion head-unit?
    04-16-10 04:25 PM