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    I am getting my first ever Blackberry (Curve 8900) in three weeks and have been reading through this great Forum soaking up all of your knowledge, but I am still trying to get my head around the data plan issue. I have read through many posts and done some searching, but I am trying to figure out the differences in the terminology. I did find another posts entitled "BIS Data Plan vs. the regular Data Plan" , but it didn't really answer the OP question.

    My phone is coming from Amazon Sim Free and I will be using my Tesco PAYG sim card to begin with, unfortunately Tesco do not support Blackberry BIS (even though they use the O2 network), so I will not have a proper Blackberry BIS data plan. As I am not bothered about Push Email and BB Messenger I do not see it being much of an issue at the moment. What Tesco do, however, is give you triple credit for every top-up, so if I put 10 on the phone they give an extra 20 (extra must be used in 30 days). My thinking is that I can use the extra free 20 for browsing etc. They also do an Unlimited GPRS Data Browsing Pass for 2 for 7 days unlimited use (fair usage I believe to be 50MB)

    So, my main question is when people are stating that certain apps only work with a data plan, do they mean specifically a Blackberry data plan or just that they need access to data so GPRS/EDGE would be ok?

    I will mainly be using the phone for voice/texting and the majority of browsing will be via my home & work WiFi network.

    I look forward to your comments.
    08-04-10 04:41 AM