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    I have knowledge of what each does, but not through knowledge, so if anyone can help clear things up, I would appreciate it.

    I understand BES and BIS how they work, my concern is more related to the time a BlackBerry retrieves it's e-mail.

    I know that with BES, e-mail is received almost (if not) instantaneous? And with BIS there is a delay, maybe 10-15 min? My question is, for people who have the iPhone that use their e-mail function, they can setup their e-mail but will only check/retrieve e-mail every 15 min. or so for new messages, how does this differ from using BIS? (BES you get messages, immediately so it's not really a factor). I don't care what both phones are capable of, I'm just concerned with how the e-mail is being taking care of. Assuming I got my facts straight, if you have a BlackBerry, how do you argue with someone with an iPhone about how e-mail is handled if both are handled ALMOST the same way?
    04-29-08 01:30 PM
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    With the iPhone, email for Yahoo and GMail is instant! I've tested it (I had one, sad, I know!)...

    BIS - if you use Hotmail (account created before 2000), Yahoo or GMail, BIS will be INSTANT! Unless their are network issues. If you're on BES, it's also instant...

    BUT, if you use a POP3 type account, other than those listed above, you can forward a copy of your email to your carriers Blackberry email address, example: yourid@tmo.blackberry.net. Doing this will cause your emails to show on your Blackberry, instantly...
    04-29-08 02:09 PM
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    Again, based strictly on e-mail functions, the iPhone is just about on par with the BlackBerry? (WEIRD, no?) I thought the iPhone periodically checked whatever server your e-mail is setup with every 15 min. to download new messages. I won't really compare with BES since it has it's corporate advantages, but as a consumer, and I'm not saying I would get an iPhone, IMO the iPhone has become even better device than I previously thought if both BIS and how the iPhone retrieves it's e-mail's relatively the same. (That doesn't even sound right, Am I missing something or am I just interpreting it wrong navi?)

    I always thought that the main difference when comparing the two (when I got my first BlackBerry) was that e-mail's pushed to the BlackBerry instantaneously (only to find through reading forums here that there is a delay) and for someone to use the e-mail function on an iPhone was that the phone would check servers in 15 min. intervals, had no idea on an iPhone it would be sent instantly.
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    I don't want to speak for everyone because im not sure which carrier or model of BB you have but...

    I'm on sprint with a BIS BB data package with several accounts on it, using mainly a gmail account and sometimes a hotmail account created in 04 i think, and i get my emails instantly. i know it's instant because my best friend and i who cannot have his phone on at work email back and forth all day, several times a week. for example, if i send him an email at 4:20pm, i get a reply by 4:25 unless he's typing a really long message that is. but the point is the time factor for me is not delivery, but simply how fast either one of can type off a reply.

    i can't really speak about iPhone email as i don't have one but my BB email works seamlessly.
    04-29-08 03:48 PM
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    yeah you guys are right, it is instant. I got caught up/mixed up with my inboxes. I have one that's setup with my school and that has the 5 min delay, but all the other accounts receive right when a message is sent. But to go back to my original post, navi said the iPhone also gets mail instantly, so is there really an argument between a BlackBerry and iPhone in terms of e-mail? (...and the iPhone becomes just a, well a phone in the eyes of a BlackBerry addcit!) (now if I can only fix the delay with my school account (IMAP), anyone have any suggestions?)
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    I have one POP3 email account, a Yahoo mail account, and GMail. All are received virtually instantaneously (unless I'm on a call). There is no "15 minute" or so delay. I can't speak for iPhone.

    Beyond e-mail, there are myriad other reasons why one may prefer BB over iP or vice versa, but that is far beyond the scope of this thread.
    04-29-08 09:54 PM