1. joselskipper's Avatar
    Do you guys think this app is close to being accurate?

    I ran it on my Verizon's BlackBerry Storm and averaged 155-160 and never got over 200 kbps, I thought that was normal until...

    I ran the same app on my AT&T iPhone 3G and I have an average of 700+ kbps, infact I had 2 good ones at 1+ Mbps, and had my lowest at 227.

    I ran those tests in random. So does that mean AT&T has indeed the fastest 3G network? I have not tested it on someone's AT&T blackberry if it will yield the same result.

    We live in northern San Diego County (Carlsbad-Oceanside-Vista) area.

    So what are yours?
    03-05-09 06:57 PM
  2. crackalac's Avatar
    Oh man!!! My hightest on my Storm is 95... What is going on with my device???I am running the official VZW o.s. still. Any help???
    03-18-09 11:16 AM