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    Hi, so first of all I'd like to say this isn't one of those "I haven't done any research and just want people's opinions" threads.

    I've been using the Blackberry Pearl 8130 for a while now and I can't be happier. Aside from the memory and sometimes slow browser speeds, I really have nothing to complain about. The suretype is great and I can type just as fast and probably even faster than some of the qwerty counterparts.

    But it's time for me to upgrade. I've pretty much decided on the new Pearl 3G (9100). The reason I choose this over the Bold 9700 is because I'd be paying $150 less.

    My question is, is the bigger screen size and full sized keyboard worth it? The specs are almost identical, I'm pretty sure it's just the same phone in a smaller package. I've never used a qwerty sized BB for a prolonged period of time, but people tell me they find the Pearl too small after using a bigger BB. Will I be happy enough to justify spending that extra money?

    Also, I keep my phone in my pocket, like most other guys. So that's another reason why a smaller phone appeals to me more I guess.

    Anyway, sorry this is so long. I probably could have done this much shorter, but bear with me. I plan on using this phone for a while and didn't want to leave anything out... which i'm pretty sure i might have. Hopefully you guys have some advice or maybe even some experience.


    I'd also like to note that, OS 6, Bold 9800 and all the new BB's coming don't interest me at all. I've looked into them so much, and really have felt no attraction to them lol. Honestly I feel the Bold 9700 is still much better (for me) than any of the new BB's coming out. IMO of course and for my own reasons.
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    I like the bigger screen. And if you want faster web browsing then I would either weight or get the bold 9650. That is the only phone out that will get the os6 upgrade.

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    07-24-10 10:51 PM
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    If you like the Pearl, you will like the new 3G, but I personally would get the 9700. If your worried about size, it isn't very big at all and is very slim, and as you mentioned a lot of the specs are the same as the new Pearl. If you listen to lots of music, you might like the media keys on the top of the Pearl, but I find the lock and mute buttons are pretty convenient on phones that have them. You should go into a store and try out both of them if you haven't already, because you might find the full keyboard a nice change.
    07-24-10 11:22 PM
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    I have the 9700 but truth to tell, when the Pearl 3G comes to AT&T this goes in a
    drawer as a spare. The Pearl 3G is a slimmed down 9700 but if it retains the
    traditional Pearl keyboard it will be the better of the two IMO.
    07-24-10 11:54 PM
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    If you like touchscreen go with the Storm.. if you don't go with the Bold. I would wait if you could as there are all new devices coming out soon with all new great features.
    07-25-10 12:04 AM
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    Hey There,
    I upgraded to a 9700 from an 8220 about 4 months ago and I could not be happier. The 9700 cost me quite a bit, but IMO it's totally worth it. The screen is incredible and the size of the 9700 isn't too big to fit in your pocket. While I have not used the Pearl 3G, I do know from experience that I prefer a QWERTY keyboard to a SureType keyboard. The 9700 is one sexy phone...

    07-25-10 01:25 AM