1. bob2611's Avatar
    Hey Everyone, can someone offer me some help with a problem.

    I have a BB 8800 on UK vodafone. My friend wants to use it on O2. I have not unlocked it yet, but I wanted to place the O2 firmware on there.

    I wiped it using JL_Cmder. Loaded a laptop with BB desktop 6 and the 02 firmware 4.5 for 8800.
    I deleted the vendor.xml file.

    I used apploader to put the firmware back on and it still says vodafone.

    Do I need to unlock it first, or is there a step I am missing ?
    02-01-11 04:51 AM
  2. jeffh's Avatar
    The splash screen that comes up when you boot the phone is in ROM. You can't change that. O2's 8800 OS will be no different than Vodaphone's OS if the version numbers are the same in all four fields, for example, You do need to unlock the phone before you can use it on OS.
    02-01-11 07:30 AM
  3. bob2611's Avatar
    Thanks jeffh. I was under the impression when you added O2 firmware, you would get the O2 splash screen and the O2 additional services options.

    It's just weird. I still get the vodafone zen desktop option too as well the splash screen. I guess that's all in the ROM.

    I had the BB unlocked a few hours ago. I guess reloading the OS in the future will not affect the unlock ?
    02-01-11 02:20 PM
  4. jeffh's Avatar
    Once it's unlocked, it's always unlocked. There's nothing you can do to lock it back. I'm not surprised the carrier theme is in ROM. If you remove the Verizon theme from a Verizon-branded 9630, then boot it in Safe Mode, it will come up with the Verizon theme.
    02-01-11 02:35 PM