1. buddy39914's Avatar
    Im changing BB, will have to change my pin?

    I'll PROBABLY be keeping the SIM card and Memory Stick

    I have my BBM backed up Locally and remotely.

    Will I have to Change PIN? or not

    Do i have to do something else?
    01-16-10 11:21 AM
  2. NoahFecks's Avatar
    You will get a different pin with a new BlackBerry. You will have to change it on your BIS in order to receive emails and data on the new phone.
    01-16-10 11:34 AM
  3. dx169's Avatar
    The PIN is restricted to your device only. Taking out the SIM and Card will not allow you to keep your current PIN and transfer it to a new phone, sorry.
    01-16-10 11:34 AM
  4. sele's Avatar
    As was said before u will get a new pin. When u log into your bis from your new bberry it will as u if you want to change your bis acct to the new pin. Answer yes and your email will start flowing to the new berry.

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    01-16-10 11:49 AM
  5. noaim's Avatar
    as far as bbm go's when you load the new version of bbm it will allow you to restore your contacts and all your messenger contacts will get your new pin automatically
    01-16-10 04:40 PM
  6. BlkBryAddict's Avatar
    Yes. I was just about to say that. Now your BBM contacts will get your new PIN automatically. Much better than past practice of having to add each contact again.

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    01-16-10 04:44 PM
  7. jonathonparker's Avatar
    Ok so I just changed from the blackberry curve 8520 on ATT to the blackberry storm unlocked and im using it on att also. I have given my old BB to my wife. The new storm works perfect I completed the device swap option, and transfered all my programs, email settings and such, also went into BIS and changed the pin associated with my bb. I am able to recieve email fine. What would my wife need to do in order to get her device working so she can use BBM and recieve emails and such, do i need to do a device wipe and start over that way? She already has setup a bis account with the pin and such. Any help would be great thanks
    05-06-10 06:16 PM
  8. MrObvious's Avatar
    It should already be good to go.
    05-06-10 08:25 PM