1. pybe's Avatar
    My company is changing from O2 UK to Orange UK, we have the orange sims on temporary numbers and it wont work with my 8800. Can I just install the Orange device software and will that allow me to use an orange sim or will I have get an unlock code?

    Also does anyone have any experiance with getting software people to give you new codes for apps when you only bought them in the las couple of months and now have a new IMEI/PIN?

    08-23-07 09:54 AM
  2. John Clark's Avatar
    You'll need to have the device unlocked. Installing another carrier's OS will not unlock the device. You may be able to get O2 to unlock the device. If not you'll need to purchase an unlock code from a 3rd party unlocking service.

    As for 3rd party app's key codes, that depends on the application/vendor/developer. It also depends on the version of the app you purchased (some sell an app for less if it's a one-device key version. JiveTalk is an example.) If you are reinstalling on the same device, then the same key code should work. If you switch devices you'll need a new key code. Contact the vendor/developer for a new key code.
    08-24-07 02:25 AM