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    Z-Think just returned back to Alpharetta, GA from the Consumer Electronics Show. We were four of the 114,000 there to see the latest and greatest that the consumer electronics world has to offer in 2010. One of our main goals of attending the show was to get a better idea of the direct to consumer and app store marketplace and to find the right strategy of how to market our services. CES was full of companies with interesting ideas on how to develop, launch, and sell applications. We met with several companies to discuss current business and future opportunities. Our conclusion of the meetings with developers, service providers, partners, and consultants is that we feel that our strategy for 2010 will lead us in the right direction. Were looking forward to bringing our cutting edge products to app stores, consumers, and regional carriers in order to increase data penetration, increase revenue, and reduce customer churn.

    ZBook is a Z-Think application that is a great overall solution to contact backup. It backs up contact info and allows the end user to make changes such as add, edit and delete contacts.

    BlackBerry App World - Backup Contacts Wirelessly - ZBook

    Did anyone go to CES? What was your experience like?
    01-12-10 11:37 AM