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    I'm a computer consultant assisting a client to implement Microsoft's hosted Exchange service, including hosted BES service. My client has been using his Blackberry Storm 9550 with BIS from Verizon. After enterprise activation on the Microsoft BES service, we have had a couple of minor calendar problems.

    For example, my client created three new appointments in his calendar for airline flights he has planned. Near as I can tell these are regular old appointments just like the others. But for whatever reason, they do not appear in his Blackberry calendar. I verified that he is looking at the correct calendar--they're not there.

    He says that for two of them he clicked on a link on a web page to add them to his Outlook calendar. I am guessing this means the website where he bought his ticket generates an .ics file containing the flight details. Downloading and double-clicking the file adds the event to the calendar.

    In this case we resolved the issue quite easily by deleting the appointments and re-creating them. Then they showed up properly. But my client is concerned that next time he schedules a flight he will do the same thing, add the details to his calendar by clicking on the link, and it won't show up in his Blackberry.

    Any thoughts on what might be going on here and how to avoid it?

    Thanks much for any suggestions you may have.


    09-23-10 11:34 PM