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    Blackberry Captures Tornado Footage

    Some of the most compelling footage of the tornado was captured, not by people at Wal-Mart or the other retail stores where winds caused damage and injuries, but from employees working inside a Beaumont restaurant. They were inside the Schlotzsky's on Dowlen Road.

    Jessica Holloway spoke with employees who were working at the restaurant when the tornado touched down.

    Store employees said they had never seen anything like it. They could only watch as the dark sky turned dangerous and the tornado moved in.

    It's one of the best videos we've seen of Tuesday's activities. The bizarre thing is it was cell phone video. The manager of Schlotzskys, Trent Bourg and the owner John Walker were both inside when they saw funnel clouds coming toward them on Dowlen Road.

    Bourg ran over to the drive through window to shoot the tornado as it got closer and closer. People eating inside Schlotzskys watched at the windows to see what would happen.
    Blackberry to save the day and get the ONLY footage of this tornado in Beaumont. It appears to be an 8330 that was used.

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    Chalk it up to the right BB at the right time.

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