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    Someone asked me if and MTS ( CDMA ) 9650 will work on the Rogers ( GSM ) network.

    My theory is no... yes it does have a sim card slot, but MTS blackberries are provisioned to be on CDMA even though it does have the SIM card slot, it wouldn't work properly if you did get it unlocked ( if you need to unlock it ) .. Voice and Text would only work, wouldn't it?

    someone help please before they buy a $800 phone they can't use..
    12-08-10 02:08 PM
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    The 9650 is a "World Phone". It has a SIM slot and a GSM radio so that it can be used in other countries because the rest of the world mostly uses GSM technology. The 9650 can indeed be unlocked and used on a GSM network. However, there are a lot of steps to follow to get everything working. Even still, if the phone's available GSM bands don't match the carrier that you're wanting to use it on, you will not get 3G functionality. Just search the CB forums as there's a plethora of info on this subject.

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    12-08-10 02:20 PM
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    They're better off spending those $800 on a phone that can fully take advantage of Rogers' 3G bands.
    12-08-10 02:45 PM
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    Yes it can.
    12-09-10 08:37 AM