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    Hello all!!

    I'm a new member and have just registered. I'm on the verge of buying the ultimate device, the Blackberry Bold. I used to dislike Blackberries in the past, as my impression of them were 'nerd toys'! However, after going through almost all the threads and posts in this great site, I've literally, I repeat, LITERALLY thrown my Iphone into the bin! I want to become the proud owner of the amazing Bold, not a toy with a shaky screen!

    I'm in India and obviously will be using the great Airtel as my carrier. Now I have a small dilemma: I have the options of buying it directly from Airtel which will be locked but I could request for an unlock code later, or I could buy an unlocked one from a retail mobile store. Now the thing is; will I miss out on any carrier specific apps/functions/goodies if I don't buy it from my carrier? Even if I do, will it have the carrier logo/name printed on it? I wouldn't want that.

    I would really appreciate any answers from this great, enlightened (for making the 'holy' choice of being crackberries) community! Please reply soon. I can't wait to buy one. My fingers (but not my wallet) are itching.

    Your soon-to-be-fellow crackberry,

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    04-17-09 06:39 AM
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    You will not miss any operational features by buying retail. Everything is present in the standard software, and the carrier enables or disables through service booiks pushed to your phone.

    However you might find service provider is more reliable if you have warranty issues. There have also been a few reports of problems with cloned (reactivated stolen) phones from third party stores, so make sure you select a reputable store which will respect warranty (very often the third party stores resell carrier phones which are locked and branded anyway)

    My advice is to get the best financial deal you can find and don't worry about cosmetics like carrier branding or logo. If you need it unlocked you can deal with that when necessary.
    04-17-09 08:54 AM
  3. redsoxrocker's Avatar
    yup just to echo what branta said, the carrier might be a better choice as far as warranty issues go, however, i don't know what carrier's policies are in india as far as warranties go.
    04-17-09 09:13 AM