02-05-10 07:33 PM
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    Why Telus and not Bell? They share the exactly same network! Why Fido and not Rogers? They also share the exactly same network!
    You'd Think Telus and Bell would have the same coverage

    but unfortunately that is not so

    In Orillia Ontario, On the Lake Simcoe only Telus really works, but in North Western Ontario, in TBay Tell country Bell works far better than Telus, I live on multiple cellphones and travel all of Ontario,

    If in Ontario, Bell has over all better coverage then all other carriers,
    if in BC Telus has the best coverage,

    Rogers has great coverage in most major cities in Canada.

    having an AT&T Bold your best bet is Rogers, chances are you wont be leaving the GTA of GVA depending on your University.
    02-05-10 07:33 PM
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