11-18-10 12:25 AM
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  1. Go Blue's Avatar
    so, my last post in this thread was over a year ago, but EarlDGrt's post scratched a scab off a sore ......

    My day-1 Tour 9630 worked perfectly with my integrated bluetooth in my '09 GMC Denali. So did the replacement 9630 when the trackball failed. When I upgraded to OS 5.0 back in March, it killed the bluetooth -- would NOT pair with the car, and had to go through several headsets to find one that would pair, and then the audio quality was very poor -- static and garbled. Went back to 4.7 and bluetooth was perfect. Back to 5.0 and bluetooth failed. Back to 4.7 and bluetooth worked, back to 5.0 and fail.

    When I got my Bold 9650, same issue -- would NOT pair with the car -- the same car that my original 9630/4.7 worked with, as did my 8330 and 8800 and 9700. Nothing changed with the car.

    Escalated issue beyond Sprint to RIM, and got the corporate shoulder shrug -- "we don't guarantee compatibility with all models of cars ......."

    But there is no question that they screwed something up with the CDMA OS 5.0 bluetooth stack, and there is also no question that they couldn't care less about it. The problem is not universal, but it is widespread with many 9630's and 9650's affected, by RIM's own admission. (My son's 9630/5.0 works perfectly with his '09 Tahoe.)

    So now I find myself just gravitating toward using my EVO for talking from the car -- use the EVO and integrated bluetooth or use the BB and a headset -- easy natural decision. I like the BB phone interface / contact interface much better, but .......

    It is frustrating.

    And someday RIM will look back and wonder what happened.
    08-04-10 08:54 AM
  2. Drpeppers's Avatar
    i had a htc TP2 and had a major issue with its screen going off so i switched to sprint blackberry tour.. things worked well but had 2 major issues
    1) Gmail never synced
    2) Bluetooth with my 5 series was horrible, other party heard static and a very low voice, almost like you are driving a convertible.

    friend of mine tried paring BB with his Bentley that has no inside noise except the clocking ticking at 100 mph

    same thing..static noise and low volume..

    its not the bt devices, its this POC blackberry tour.

    I want to go back to HTC
    11-18-10 12:25 AM
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