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    Please, I need help on figuring the WiFi connection on my BB8520. I've tried it on 2 different public hotspots but the WiFi icon is still grey in colour.

    I just set up my WiFi connection at home using a modem/router Zyxel P600. I can connect all my laptops around the house and there's no problem with my iPod touch and an iPhone but I can't get my Blackberry to work.

    I've checked and I am connected, I browse through Bolt and BB browser (on hotspot mode) but it's a very spotty connection. At times I am able to browse and it will load the page but when I click on some links, it either loads really slow or times out or gives me a 'no internet connection' message.

    There are also times that my BB finds no network and I have to keep refreshing until it does find my home network. I've had this close to a year now and I honestly never tried the WiFi until recently.

    I have no BIS plan currently and I've checked through BB on the network details and it says the band type is 802.11b/g. I"m running on a OSv5.0.0.592. I've restarted my router countless times, have deleted the wifi profile on my BB and added it again, also did a battery pull. WiFi still won't work.

    Hope someone can help me out.
    02-02-11 12:49 AM
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    Without a BIS plan the wifi symbol will never turn white. That's what a white wifi icon means, that you're connected to RIM's server, which can only happen with a BlackBerry Data plan.

    As for your connection issues, maybe try a different OS, I have no idea which one though...
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    02-02-11 12:53 AM
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    Change your browser settings to "hotspot browser" and you should be able to surf as long as they grey icon is there. Other than that, yeah... You need the plan.

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    02-02-11 05:57 AM
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    @ridesno159, thanks for the info. I always thought that a white WiFi icon meant I had no WiFi connection. Or a weak one.

    @littona, I am on hotspot browser mode when I am connected through WiFi, and the grey icon is there but no go on the surfing.

    Currently, I activated my BIS, I turned on the WiFi and noticed that I still get a grey WiFi icon. Should this turn white? Not exactly sure what triggers a white WiFi icon.
    02-02-11 05:19 PM