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    Has anybody figured out the issue with AT&T and not being able to receive MMS messages? I have a little bit less than zero confidence that they'll fix it. I have had this issue with three different BB's. Originally it was working on my 8310 a year and a half ago. Then it went to send only. Then I got the 8900. Same thing. Now I'm on the 9700 and it's the same thing. I can send an MMS just fine and the recipient gets it. But even though one shows as successfully sent on the senders end, it never shows up on my device.

    Even the test MMS's that AT&T sends are lost in limbo. All of my internet, SMS and emails work fine and although I am convinved it's not on the device end, we checked every setting on the phone. They even had me delete the service books and sent new ones. Only effect that had was forcing me to re-install the ribbon_lds.cod to get my BB Maps back.

    After spending an hour on the phone with them today,during which they even called RIM, all that resulted was the opening of a ticket. And they wanted the phone no's of the people who were trying to send them to me. I rarely use MMS, but I'm paying for it and when I DO want it, I want it to actually work. This seems to be a fairly common issue and if anybody knows the answer, I would be most grateful
    05-06-10 02:42 PM
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    Is your Browser WAP Push enabled?
    05-06-10 04:41 PM
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    I know someone that has the same issue. AT&T and the RIM tech said they did not know what to do to fix this
    05-06-10 06:13 PM
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    It could be something like your firewall as mentioned.
    05-06-10 08:28 PM
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    Is your Browser WAP Push enabled?
    Fair warning...If we ever meet I'm gonna hug you a BUNCH
    Nope, push was not enabled. I turned it on and sent myself a test mms and guess what.....

    Thanks SO much. It's good to have a community of people like this to turn to.
    05-06-10 09:14 PM
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    Originally Posted by Motorcycle Mama View Post
    Is your Browser WAP Push enabled?
    ******* genius! I've been ******** about this problem for about 2 weeks wondering why I couldn't get any of the MMS messages from my friends and family. Nevar againz.

    08-02-10 05:03 AM
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    My friend was having this problem. I thought it was the file size. You learn something new everyday. Thanks.
    08-02-10 05:16 AM
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    Nice job MM, I don't have any problems but it was good reading! You Rock!

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    08-02-10 08:24 AM