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    Please help! I just got this phone too, and this is my first post. I was replacing the faceplate on my blackberry curve 8900 and I realized that i had damaged the mute and lock key flex cable and I know that is why the mute and lock keys are not working. But when I finished I realized that there was no sound coming from my phone. Whether it be from the camera, ringtones, or alarms.I also cannot hear anything while in a call, but the other side can hear me. Is this due to the damaged flex cables? I have already ordered new ones, but was wondering if my phone was silent because of this.
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    please guys, i really need help.
    12-07-10 06:38 PM
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    Don't know if this will help.


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    12-07-10 07:03 PM
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    Insurance, put the old face plate back on and take it back and play dumb?
    12-07-10 07:03 PM
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    i took the damn sticker off
    12-07-10 07:11 PM