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    Okay. Most everyone knows that with the BIS 2.6 it is impossible for you to BCC yourself on a message you are sending from the GMAIL web UI, so that you have a copy on your device. I have tried a number of ways to trick the BIS into thinking that its a "new" email coming and to go ahead and deliver it with no success. I have done this by setting up a dummy GMAIL account without any hint of who I am on the account profile. Its a "new" gmail account. I set that account to forward all of my emails back to the gmail account that i want the messages to arrive in on the device. Once would think this would work because it is a new email. NOPE!! It wont work. I have tried creating a number of accounts, and in fact, I have even tried to use the account forwarding with our free CrackBerry email address and still wont work. the device works flawlessly but SOMEHOW the BIS knows that the email is being forwarded back to the device and stops it cold in its tracks.

    Does anyone have any ideas???
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