1. nukenight's Avatar
    I've been having problems with both DTM versions 5.1.xx and 6.0 with my Outlook addresses not loading to the BB. It seems to hang up about entry #31 of the 200+ entries that are in Outlook. I've looked through the entries on Outlook, and can't find what the problem is, though I do get the first 30 or so entries to migrate. I also get Error Code 0x80043ac9 when trying this. If I omit addresses, everything runs perfectly, but once I add them, it hangs up every time.
    Any suggestions or ideas what the problem is??
    09-30-10 04:54 PM
  2. trucky's Avatar
    Not sure what your specific problem is but there is a way around it. Using Desktop Manager, go to Sync and then find ASCII Import/Export. Export the existing contacts from your BB to your PC. this will create a .csv file you can open and edit in Excel. Export your contacts from Outlook into a different .csv file. Open both files and just cut and paste from the Outlook file into the BB file, making sure to leave all the field headers untouched. This also gives you a good backup and a way to mass edit on your desktop, if needed.
    10-01-10 06:38 AM
  3. nukenight's Avatar
    I was hoping there might be something easier, but with that, it seems that I can work this out, hopefully without too many difficulties. It would just be so nice to have all of them on both devices, but guess that MS and BBOS just don't always like to play well together.

    10-01-10 06:05 PM