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    Hi, Folks, as you can see from my sig, I'm a long time Palm user, just converted to BB last month. Several weeks and some coin later, I've got it working perfectly to my needs.

    I was able to use a 3rd party program to export my Palm Calendar and Contacts to my BB. Got everything with only a couple of minor tweaks needed.

    So, now, I want to sync the contacts and calendar to Outlook. This is a personal BB with no BES - just using the USB cable to my PC.

    I had a lot of junk in Outlook on my PC, so I deleted everything. I did a one way sync from the BB to Outlook. My contacts are there, but... only a handful of my calendar entries sync. I have "keep appointments" set to "forever" in my BB.

    Any thoughts or ideas? Google sync doesn't pull all of the calendar entries either.
    02-11-09 10:42 AM