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    I'm a new BB user. I have a Verizon 8530 Curve. I notice when I plug it into my charger at night (before Bedside mode) the default screen goes directly to my Alarm mode. I find that it's extremely difficult to get out of that screen if I want to do other things while it's in power mode (i.e. check emails/surf web, etc..). Any suggestions on what may be causing the delay?
    Typically the only way I get out of the mode is by pressing the BBkey a few times.

    Thanks in advance.
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    I have a Bold 9700 but they should work the same. Go to Clock. Menu (BB) key. Options. Should be one that says Do when charging. Change from Display clock to Do nothing. Exit the menu and clock. I personally like the clock because mine sits in the charging pod next to my bed. Hope this helps. Enjoy the phone.

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