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    I have 5 e-mail accounts set-up on my BB. I tried deleting one by first Deleting it from my Device. (Went to Manage Internet E-Mail, Delete acct.) The e-mail acct is still there with all my e-mails. Second, I tried deleting it by logging into my acct on T-Mobile. That didn't work either. I tried re-sending Service Books, and did a Battery Pull. Nothing. Any ideas???

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    10-25-08 10:04 PM
  2. mdorrett's Avatar
    If you have an email settings icon on your home page I would use this. Open it click email accounts then delete the one you wish get rid of. I have 8330 so you may not have this option. hope this helps
    10-25-08 10:59 PM
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    That's what I have tried. That's the first thing I did..

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    10-25-08 11:29 PM
  4. PolarBeer's Avatar
    Go ---> Options ---> Advanced Options ---> Service Book and delete ONLY the [CICAL] and [CMIME] entries with the name(s) of the e-mail account(s) you want to wipe out of your desktop. Then Go back to Advanced Options ---> Host Routing Table, press Option and choose Register Now.

    You will receive a confirmation from BlackBerry/Service Provider confirming your re-registration (and those annoying icons will be gone).

    02-07-09 05:48 PM