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    I have a Curve 8320. Got it 1.5 weeks ago, and all that time it was able to connect to our home wifi network. Now, today, it suddenly can't, although it can connect to our neighbor's wifi next door, and my laptop can get our home wifi fine. Know what the issue is? Gives me error: W002, failed to connect. Also, it says VPN communication link is down. Hmmmm.
    05-14-09 03:29 PM
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    As a first step, try pulling the power cord from the router, wait 30 seconds and power it back up. Also do a battery pull on the BB at the same time.
    05-14-09 03:42 PM
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    As a first step, try pulling the power cord from the router, wait 30 seconds and power it back up. Also do a battery pull on the BB at the same time.
    Ok, will try that.
    05-14-09 11:16 PM
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    Omg! It worked!!!!!!!!! Thanks so much!
    05-15-09 09:34 AM
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    I've now noticed that whenever I turn off my Blackberry, then turn it on again, it can't connect to my home WiFi without me unplugging the router power cord (like you said above) and then replugging it back in. Do you know why that is? It's weird!
    05-15-09 01:02 PM
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    You mentioned you can connect to your neighbours Wifi, that might also explain your problem.

    Wifi uses Microwave radio signals. If there are multiple signal sources, they degrade each other.

    Check it out with:

    Connections / Wifi Options. Menu / Wifi Diagnostic. Menu / Site Survey.

    Look at your signal and note which channel you are using. Look at other signals, if they are strong and on the same or adjacent channels that will cause interference.

    Find a open channel, 1 or 11 are the least susceptible to interference.

    The next step is updating your router, we can discuss that if it is needed.
    05-15-09 01:58 PM
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    Ok, both WiFi's are on Channel 6. How can I change the channel? Can I do that on my Blackberry? Or just disable or delete the other WiFi? I'm having trouble navigating to my router setup page (contacting Linksys about that), but I don't know if that has anything to do with changing channels. Ever since I got this Blackberry, it's been able to automatically connect to our Wifi until yesterday. You think I've just started to have problems because maybe my neighbor changed her channel to the same as mine? Hmmmm. Just tried deleting my neighbor's wifi from my profiles list, and now it seems to be connecting to MY wifi with no problem. Maybe it was interference; having both wifi's on the same channel. Just let me know what you think.
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    05-15-09 02:30 PM
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    Interference is common becasue nearly all Wifi Router use channel 6 by default.

    Change your channel, grab the prefered channel 1.

    If you see this before the Linksys guys get you sorted....

    Select the Internet address:

    Select the Wireless tab and Channel 1. Save the settings.

    You will have to reconnect your computer and BlackBerry.
    05-15-09 03:17 PM
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    Clicked on the link, but I see no Wireless tab there, on the left side. Hmmm. It's so wierd. My Blackberry has trouble automatically connecting to our Wifi once I leave the house and come back. Have to pull the router plug and replug it again. Aghhhh!
    05-15-09 05:29 PM
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    Try this one:

    The good news is, once everything is correct, it works completely automatiacly.
    05-15-09 05:31 PM
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    I can SOMTIMES get to the router setup page using the above link (sometimes it can't display the webpage, know why?). And nowhere do I see a place to change the channel. Hmmm. Why do you think I have to replug my router again and again so that my Blackberry can get the wifi? You know? Btw, what is a client device? Saw that on the Linksys page.
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    05-15-09 09:36 PM