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    I have a BB 9700 that's setup with Claro Jamaica. Claro offers 3G all across the island, but of course there are some dead spots; my home being one of them. Now I realize that whenever I'm in these 3G dead spots and my phone switches to EDGE, I can't browse. When you attempt to open a page, it just says requesting and it loads TERRIBLY slow and when it gets to the end, it stops for a long period of time, after which you get one of the data errors. When I call the service provider, I'm told they're not seeing where anything is wrong, so I'm wondering if it could be my phone. I've done the routing table thing, I've done numerous amounts of battery pulls, the works. Here's the peculiar thing though...when i'm on EDGE, I can't browse, can't get my mails downloaded (disregard the mails part...the second I hit submit, the registration mails sent from this site got downloaded to the BB lol), can't sign into FB or WL Messenger, but I'm signed in to BBM. I find that to be so strange. Anyway, can anyone suggest what the prob might be?

    Thanks in advance
    09-16-10 12:02 AM