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    Hey everyone I recently picked up an old bold 9000 to use because my 9780 wasn't working anymore anyway I have a telus social plan which means that I can only use fb and twitter through 3G. When I'm at home I use WIFI to browse the web on my bb. When I put my sim card from my 9780 into the bold 9000 everything works fine exept I can't browse the web even when I'm connected to WIFI. I get redirected to the upgrade your data plan to use this feature screen.

    Anyone know how I can get this working properly thanks for your time
    08-14-12 02:57 AM
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    it is too difficult option in blackberry, There are two web browsers in blackberry one is for WAP and Another for Web. If you still seeking thisproblem then you can download Opera mobile to your Blackberry Phone. I am sure it will surely work over wi-fi.
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    08-14-12 03:19 AM