1. ddlax22's Avatar
    i honestly cannot stand bgr at all. after going to all of the mobile nations websites I decided to give my luck a shot on bgr. Well, I was INSTANTLY pissed off. Right on the home page a featured article titled: "Research In Motion Is Dead" I don't care if it says opinion on it, the amount of negative media they push out against RIM is unbearable. And if you read the article it is honestly very frustrating.

    But I am just pretty angry right now over this..a little too passionate about bb maybe?
    04-04-12 01:16 AM
  2. greatwiseone's Avatar
    People in these forums should just IGNORE BGR. BGR was cool before, but now he's just an . Even Engadget's better than them. I stopped reading BGR many many many months ago...
    04-04-12 01:20 AM