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    I am appealing to the CB guru's with this problem, which my carrier seems to be unable to resolve.

    I have been having trouble with data charges on my BB account. I am being charged for certain data sessions and it seems to be related to data that is routed through the "internet" APN rather than the "blackberry.net" APN.
    I have a BIS account. On my carrier account it seems like data transfer is randomly switched between these two APN's. Without making any changes to the device, some data sessions route via the blackberry.net APN and some via internet.

    On of the settings my carrier asked me to check is the Browser selected under Browser Configuration. On my BB it is set to "Internet Browser", the only alternative is "MTN", which is my carrier. The technicians insist that there should be a "Blackberry" option but I don't have that option.

    Why don't I have this option? I am on OS Could it be related to service books? I have resent the service books a couple of times already but I still don't have this option and it didn't resolve the problem.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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    09-25-08 09:23 AM
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    Internet Browser and Blackberry Browser are the same thing. The name change occurred btwn OS 4.2 and OS 4.5. Under OS 4.5 it's Internet where as under OS 4.2 it was Blackberry.
    09-25-08 09:37 AM
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    The BB browser isn't even relevant to the issue since it automatically uses the BIS connection.

    Got o Options > Advanced > TCP. This is where you can set the APN information. You can only enter one APN address.
    09-25-08 09:49 AM
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    Under OS 4.5 it's Internet where as under OS 4.2 it was Blackberry.
    Thanks wnm, didn't know that.

    sunkast, I have entered "blackberry.net" under TCP settings. Do I need a username and password?
    I have asked the technicians from my carrier about the TCP settings but they insisted that it is not necessary to enter?
    09-25-08 09:53 AM
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    Well if they say you don't need to have APN information entered, don't put it in. Leave it all blank.
    09-25-08 10:03 AM
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    I am running 4.5 and I have Blackberry Browser and Internet Browser to choose from.

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    09-27-08 11:19 PM
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    i have on my us cellular 8130 and it list only BlackBerry Browser.
    09-27-08 11:28 PM