1. kathyodell's Avatar
    Suddenly, I cannot make ANY outgoing calls on my BlackBerry 8830. I can pull up a phone number from my address book. I can key in a phone number. But when I press the outgoing call button (the green phone receiver icon), nothing happens at all. The phone number just sits there big and bold. The screen doesn't change back to the desktop atop which the word "Calling" and the called number usually appear.

    I thought perhaps the green phone icon was broken, but that's not it, because I can receive calls, which involves pressing that icon button.

    I've only had the phone two months, so I'm thinking maybe I pushed a lock button of some sort?

    Everything else is fine, by the way -- my e-mail, my calendar, etc. -- except the voice recognition feature. Nothing at all happens when I push the button for that on the left side of the phone.

    Can someone help me? I'm so frustrated! THANK YOU.
    12-04-07 06:18 PM
  2. berrywhite's Avatar
    Try pulling out the battery while the phone is still on. aka Battery Pull. This will cause the phone to soft reset and should fix your problem.
    12-04-07 06:28 PM