1. steverobbinssteve@yahoo.com's Avatar
    If anyone out there can help. just purchased three 8120,s. I can use them at home, but while I am at work it will not go past the agreement disclaimer page. I log in and getting signal. I then hit agree to terms and conditions the page then goes to requesting then reloads. It is as if it does not hold my acceptance in the cahe-I have emptied the cach,web pages etc- Any ideas? It was my hope to jump on the provided wifi to use my phone and use the net.
    05-13-08 08:03 AM
  2. Reed McLay's Avatar
    You can use them at home...

    Are you using a Wifi connection and the Browser?

    When you are work, are you using Wifi or the carrier network?
    05-13-08 05:56 PM