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    Hi Folks,

    I just saw this article on BGR, and it of course emphasizes some negative aspects of Blackberry BBM. Do they have a point? Sound off in this post.... I'd like to know whether it is an issue that Blackberry can address, if it is making a mountain out of a mole-hill, and how the other platforms compare. Apparently it is the government's fault for not using a different encryption key, or it is just user incompetence which there is plenty of when it comes to security.

    Or it could just be BGR up to their old tricks to shed negative light on Blackberry at every opportunity.

    Here is the link:

    BlackBerry Messenger security questioned by Canadian government | BGR

    I think we need to be realistic here and understand that secure messaging needs to be done another way and BBM PIN-PIN, since it is paired to a device, may allow messaging to a device that has been traded/exchanged. Why can Blackberry not add an additional verification that will also require you to use a Blackberry ID/Password combination on the device in addition to the PIN. If you trade your device, and it is wiped clean, so will your Blackberry ID/password. Even if the PIN on the device stays the same.
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    02-28-13 11:59 AM
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    My understanding is PIN to PIN doesn't exist anymore with the BB10 devices. BBID is already the new association for BB10.
    02-28-13 12:09 PM
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    Note that this was posted yesterday and be prepared for the beatings.
    02-28-13 12:10 PM
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    I couldn't find it when I did a search on Crackberry... if this is a repeat I apologize, please lock it down and erase! :-)
    02-28-13 12:11 PM
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    I agree, my boss just got a new bb and I was still bbming her old pin, don't know who I was bbming but it wasn't her
    02-28-13 12:13 PM
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    02-28-13 12:13 PM

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