1. rolltide78's Avatar
    Can you take the sim card from an iphone 4 and put in a BB using an adapter and not have to change data plans with AT&T? I'm having withdrawals from BB messaging/good phone functionality and want it back but still be able to use my iphone 4 for wifi/music/apps. Let me know what you think.

    09-23-10 10:06 AM
  2. lnichols's Avatar
    I think the iPhone4 uses micro sim, but not positive on that. If they do you'll need a micro sim to Sim adapter. Even after that I doubt you'll have access to the BIS as AT&T would need to enable that to your account. You should really call up AT&T and see if they can make your account work with both devices. I'm sure they'll want some extra money out of you for both and iPhone and BIS services though if they will give it to you.
    09-23-10 10:12 AM
  3. rolltide78's Avatar
    True..I forgot about BIS. I would be adding this to BES.
    09-23-10 10:31 AM
  4. RyMac04's Avatar
    sounds like you need an iTouch and not and iPhone
    09-23-10 10:40 AM
  5. rolltide78's Avatar
    made more sense to get the iphone since itouch's are just as much. Granted..I like the iphone but coming from the blackberry world you lose a lot on on the messaging hand but do gain a lot on the other multimedia/app hand.
    09-23-10 10:43 AM
  6. anon(13322)'s Avatar
    You'll need a SIM adapter.

    Sell your iPhone 4. You'll get around $700 for it. Get you a Blackberry and IPod Touch. Clearly, the iPhone isn't for you.
    09-23-10 07:30 PM