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    I have a wifi-only Pearl 8120. When I connect to a wifi network, it will work for a while, then stop. Pages can't load, etc. When I go into the connections manager, it displays a (-) next to the wifi connection. I have to manually turn wifi off, wait for a (x), then turn wifi back on. Even if it only goes back to a (-), the wifi works again and I can browse the web. Is there some way to make the phone do this reconnection automatically? And has anyone else had this issue?
    01-12-09 11:55 AM
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    I have never encountered that symptom. The Wifi connection is automatic and nearly always available.

    Use the built in Wifi Diagnostics to check out your connection. If there are any problems, like the ones you describe, they should be shown in the Diags.

    Connections / Wifi Options. Menu / Wifi Diagnostics.
    01-12-09 05:51 PM
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    Here's the advanced-output results of wifi diagnostics when the wifi stops working:

    Current Profile: Linksys
    SSID: linksys
    AP MAC Address: 00:16:B6:BE:0D:B8
    Security Type: WEP
    Association: (check)
    Authentication: (check)
    Local IP Address:
    Signal Level: -61 dBm
    Connection Data Rate: 48 Mbps
    Status: Network Acquired
    Authenticate Failure Reason: (blank)
    Network Type: 802.11b/g
    Network Channel: 6
    Pairwise Cipher: Not Applicable
    Group Cipher: Not Applicable
    Gateway Address:
    DHCP: (check)
    Primary DNS:
    Secondary DNS:
    DNS Suffix: (blank)
    Subnet Mask:
    Server Domain Suffix: (blank)
    Certificate: (blank)
    Software Token: (blank)

    (Everything here is blank, VPN is disabled)

    Connection Pref: Wi-Fi Preferred
    UMA Wi-Fi Available: (check)
    Connection: (green check turned to red X as I opened the diagnostics)
    Error Code: (blank)
    Status: Establishing UMA connection...
    Reg. UNC Address: punc.t-mobileuncs.com:14001
    Registration: (yellow dash)
    Authentication: (yellow dash)
    Serving UNC Address: punc.t-mobileuncs.com:14001
    Security Gateway IP: psgw.t-mobilesgws.com
    Cell Info.: (blank)
    Cell. handover to UMA failures: (blank)
    Cell. rove-in failures: (blank)

    How does that look to anyone?
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    01-12-09 09:38 PM
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    Ok, this is odd: while my connection may only last a minute normally, if I download a podcast, it will stay connected long enough to give me the whole thing. It's almost as though the Internet connection gets bored easily and needs to stay entertained.
    01-15-09 11:17 AM