1. Patrick_Bateman's Avatar
    Just wondering if anyone has heard of BB recreating the Q10 with an android OS? I have tried emailing TCL design department with suggestions but never received any word back. Does anyone have an idea how to push these suggestions up or heard of anything in the works. Phones are too big, back to the basics.
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    04-26-18 08:13 AM
  2. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    Lots of folks here have been asking for that....

    But you aren't going to see a 1x1 screen on an Android phone, and height is really where most the size difference comes from. KEYone is only .22 inches wider...

    I expect that they could go a little smaller, but with the overall market wanting bigger and the size of the PKB niche being so small... I wouldn't count on it.
    04-26-18 08:33 AM
  3. the_boon's Avatar
    Best case is for 4:3 or 3:4 in portrait (whichever one it is) and slimming down bezels could achieve same width as K1 but much shorter
    04-26-18 10:28 AM
  4. DezertDwella's Avatar
    Count me in!

    the Q10 was the perfect size for one hand use, and for those who want a big screen the market is flooded with choices, but for us there are absolutely none. Make the Q10 a tad taller so it can be compatible with android and I will be allover it!!
    04-27-18 03:32 PM

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