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    Hey guyz

    Is there any hack or patch to do that automatic switch? So I don't have to switch my browser manually every time I'm using a different connection method?


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    01-29-10 11:16 AM
  2. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    01-29-10 11:20 AM
  3. Danman1043's Avatar
    You should set it to internet browser. It will pick wifi over 3G if you're connected to wifi.

    You don't have to manually switch anything but you would have to close the browser and re-open it if your connection method changed e.g you left your house and became out of range of your home router.

    Not sure what manual switching you are doing.

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    01-29-10 11:22 AM
  4. sourkevin's Avatar
    The new service books from AT&T for os 5.0 have this, auto selects wifi if it is connected

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    01-29-10 11:24 AM
  5. blakeyece's Avatar
    in order to use the wifi the browser config needs to b on the hotspot. when not in wifi area we have to switch it manually to internet browser. how do we make this automatic is what he is asking.
    01-30-10 01:18 PM
  6. todbanner's Avatar
    I'm running and before I was running this version I used to be able to set the broswer option to "internet browser" and it would autodetect wifi / 3G. Now I'm running the 5.x beta you have to switch between "AT&T Mobile Web" and "HotSpot Browser". It is a pain.

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    01-30-10 08:18 PM
  7. QueSi's Avatar
    I am going to assume you are using a 5.0 OS that only has "Hotspot" and Media Net" browsers. The "Internet Browser" will automatically use WiFi if it is available and will switch internet when it isn't. The last two OS versions I've used didn't have the Internet Browser so you have to do the Browser Fix.
    01-30-10 11:24 PM
  8. QueSi's Avatar
    I used this post HOW TO: Browser fix for AT&T on 5.0 OS Using BBSAK
    Skip to post #35 on the second page and read it first. This seems to be the easiest way to get the Internet Browser back and get that automatic switching you desire.

    Once you are done set your default browser to Internet Browser and you should be good to go.
    01-30-10 11:24 PM
  9. unclebanglin's Avatar
    I have browser icons for "MEdia Net" and "Browser" (which I'm assuming means internet not hotspot). I also have to switch back and forth, as setting default browser to Hotspot gives you the "this is a wifi service" message everytime you are out of range. In my experience, setting to "internet" must not auto detect wifi, as I never get the faster speeds unless I change the brower default to Hotspot

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    02-19-10 11:41 AM
  10. unclebanglin's Avatar
    I just did a test and switching to Internet does seem to be using WiFi but it's hard to tell. WiFi icon in ribbon stays white (not grayed out) and the pages load faster but not as fast. Is this a prob with how each browser looks up and renders pages? I realize that the Internet browser may use WiFi signlas when available, but does it still go through the same server bounces as if not on a WiFi signal, or will it switch to the method used by the Hotspot browser?

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    02-19-10 11:53 AM