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    Just got off the phone with a RIM tech support person who told me that there was no way to enable SSL or IMAP for any Gmail email account through RIM. She stated that thats the way the email service provider, in this case Google, set it up for everyone. Ive been running this device long enough to know thats usually not the case.

    On the Gmail account I wanted to add back to the device, there is no sync to any folder other than the inbox, and the BB appears to be picking up via POP3 instead of IMAP. Last time I had that account on the device was also missing some incoming email that landed in my account inbox but not on the device.

    Also had no luck trying to reconfigure an email account hosted by mail.com, no settings available to change and SSL not enabled (on the Blackberry side). Both accounts have IMAP enabled (by the service providers) but I cant enable it with, and SSL not available within the Blackberry, for either one. A web search shows that many people have had difficulties with enabling IMAP and/or SSL with Gmail and other email providers for their Blackberry service, but their solutions are not working any longer. Had anyone found a recent work-around?
    12-07-10 02:43 PM