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    Hi Guys
    I have read quite a few threads here and I am impressed with everyones knowledge. I am new to BB but I can see the HUGE advantages over my Motorola Q with Wirelesssync; however, verizon has informed me that it is not possible to wirelessly sycnc my e-mails and contacts with outlook and my BB like I use to do with Wireless sync and PC monitor and the Mot Q. They said I can have my server copy the e-mails to my BB, but that will not work because my outlook gets a ton of spam that is very efficiently filters. I also like to read and delete and reply to e-mails on the road so when I come back to my computer my outlook inbox is clean and the responses that i sent from my phone are in my sendlog in outlook too. I could go into some more details if some one needs it.

    I REALLY want to stick with BB and I need to resolve this, so if somone comes up with the answer, i am more then happy to buy them lunch by sending them a $10 paypal transfer, I know it is a very small amount of a reward, so I hope I do not offend anyone.

    Thanks in advance for your time and consideration.

    Happy Trails

    PS Did I post this in the correct forumn?
    04-17-08 12:22 PM
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    Get Blackberry Enterprise Server
    04-17-08 02:21 PM
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    I see thier is a lot of software that has a similiar name to what you are suggesting?

    Some are free and some are $3000, can you tell me which one you are refering too please?

    BlackBerry Professional Software Express
    Includes 1 user license = FREE

    BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express
    Includes 1 user license = FREE

    BlackBerry Enterprise Server Software v4.1, Service Pack 5 for Microsoft Exchange = Includes 1 user license $2,999/server

    04-17-08 04:31 PM
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    Call Verizon and tell them you want a BES(Blackberry Enterprise Service) account not a BIS. Then you will be able to sync all your emails and contacts real time with your BB!

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    04-18-08 01:56 AM
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    Okay, i feel a little foolish today. I was told by several people at Verizon that syncing with Outlook wirelessly wont work. Guess what, everthing I needed to sync my e-mail with Outlook was included in the box when i bought my Pearl (I think). I use a program called redirector. It literally took 3.5 hours of Verizon Tech support (and 4 phone calls) to get it to work, but this morning I have 23 e-mails on my phone, 23 in my inboox in outlook and 100+ e-mails in my junk mail folder in outlook and no junk mail on my phone.

    I beleive I stil need to sync with a cable if I want to sync my contacts but i have a feeling some where some how thier is an option to do this as well wirelessly. So, if anyone knows how to snyc outlook contact folders (plural contact folders) wirelessly Please let me know. Sorry if the topic has redirected a little

    PS I did figure out last night how to sync multipile conact folders (USB) and I did see a thread that people couldnt figure out how to do it, so I did post how I did it.

    THanks again guys!
    04-18-08 07:26 AM