1. mattkrets's Avatar
    OK, so the IT monkeys here at work rebooted the Exchange server yesterday and ever since then I can't get my BIS reconfigured through the att.blackberry.net portal. I am using the same settings that I did before but I keep getting:

    "An error occurred during email account validation.
    Please check your information and try again.
    If the error persists please contact your System Administrator."

    I've tried as many variations of each field that I can think of and nothing works. I have tried removing the email address, restarting, resending service books, etc all to no avail.

    Of course when I contacted IT they swear up and down that they didn't change anything that could have caused my problems. My main problem is that I'm one of the few BB users here at work, most people use Motorola. As a result, the IT guys don't know much about BB.

    Have any of you ever run into this issue and if so, do you have some suggestions for things I could check or I could ask IT to check?
    04-01-09 12:55 PM
  2. mattkrets's Avatar
    Update: The IT guy said that he checked all of my ID attributes on the mail system and nothing is out of whack. They can't seem to find any reason why my BIS would suddenly stop connecting.
    04-01-09 02:50 PM