1. babyju's Avatar
    Is it possible for the lock screen to keep an updated view of messages? I would like to lock the phone to prevent the keys from being presses but want quick preview of the inbox on the lock screen.
    Many times I unlock the phone (pasword required to type) only to find based on the user or subject of the message/s my reply could wait.

    Any themes that will do the trick?
    Is this possible?


    I have a Curve 8320.
    08-30-08 09:24 AM
  2. FF22's Avatar
    I don't know that device but does your Mute Key work (if held) to place the phone in Standby Mode. To awaken, press the Mute Key again. So keys cannot accidently be pressed in standby. Of course, it is not as secure as having a password.

    There is also a program that can do Auto-Standby discussed in the 3rd party apps subforum.
    08-30-08 12:02 PM