1. Howtobefreaky's Avatar
    Basically, I'd like to use the GPS part of my phone without paying to use the TeleNav software. I was wondering if TeleNav is simply just software you pay for that takes advantage of your GPS, or if you had to pay for it to activate your GPS at all. If I can use GPS without having to pay to do it, how do I do it? What programs would you suggest?

    Don't suggest Google Maps though. I downloaded the newest version and all it did was lock up my phone. The earlier version works, but it doesn't have the My Location feature.
    02-23-08 03:26 PM
  2. cjcarbone's Avatar
    with ATT, you can use the internal GPS with other programs, you donot need to use Telenav
    02-23-08 03:42 PM
  3. chaz_cb's Avatar
    Google maps would work fine.
    02-23-08 04:21 PM
  4. Garz's Avatar
    With google maps and GPS, Telenav is a waste of money.

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    02-23-08 04:38 PM
  5. John Clark's Avatar
    I wouldn't go that far. TeleNav gives 3D, voice prompted, turn by turn directions. Google doesn't do that.

    Google is a good app. No BB should be without it, but I wouldn't say TeleNav is a waste of money. I wouldn't give mine up.
    02-23-08 04:41 PM
  6. Howtobefreaky's Avatar
    You guys missed the part where I said that the new version of Google Maps that takes advantage of GPS does not work on my phone. Any other programs to use that take advantage of it?
    02-23-08 05:29 PM
  7. John Clark's Avatar
    The My Location feature is just cell tower trinangulation, not gps. All the earlier versions of Google maps worked with built in gps.

    You can load BBMaps to your device:

    How to get BBMaps to show on AT&T devices.
    02-23-08 05:35 PM
  8. ricerhater's Avatar
    I have version 2.01 and it works fine with my curve. I haven't found another free GPS program.
    02-23-08 05:38 PM
  9. John Clark's Avatar
    There are lots of GPS programs. MS Live Search, BBMaps, Yahoo! Go, Nav4all,
    02-23-08 05:41 PM
  10. tdoog's Avatar
    Have you tried Yahoo!Go
    02-23-08 05:45 PM
  11. John Clark's Avatar
    They have a new version out but I've not tried it. Last I tried it, it didn't support BT GPS.
    02-23-08 05:53 PM
  12. Howtobefreaky's Avatar
    Argh, my GPS is not even working. I hit refresh in the advanced options and it gave me a lat/long of 0 for both...but I am inside and will try it some other day when I am outside.
    02-23-08 05:55 PM
  13. John Clark's Avatar
    Yes, you need to be outside with a clear view of the sky.
    02-23-08 05:57 PM
  14. tdoog's Avatar
    Is tele nav the only voice assessed?
    02-23-08 06:02 PM
  15. John Clark's Avatar
    02-23-08 06:07 PM
  16. MiniM3's Avatar
    I too am interested, I just got a Curve 8310, love it and has the built in gps. I've been doing some searching on the net for a gps app for my curve. I'm a veteran user of Garmin gps units and noticed that Garmin has an app out for Blackberry, this would be awesome.

    The question I have is this, I don't have a data plan for my Blackberry, just the unlimited email plan from Rogers. I like to download the trial from the Garmin site but it requires that I have internet access. Would have loved to test the trial and see how well it works. For me to use any gps software with the curve, there is no need for a dataplan correct? I know with google maps you need net access so that's out of the question for me.

    03-27-09 06:26 PM
  17. wayne504's Avatar
    The Garmin app works alot like the Garmin GPS units. Yes you will need a data plan with the software.
    03-28-09 12:34 PM