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    I am looking into moving over to the Blackberry (getting huge corporate pressure to do so), but I am trying to determine the best way to structure the plans, etc.

    I currently use Rogers in Canada, but I spend up to a third of my time in SE Asia (primarily Hong Kong and China, but increasingly in Singapore, Philippines, etc.). The roaming charges are huge for this, and even the international plans are very expensive with Rogers. I have been able to gather great information from this forum on unlocking the BB, and feel that that end is well in hand.

    After some investigation, it looks to be much more inexpensive to actually have two phone plans (and 2 SIM cards) - one for Canada and one for Hong Kong. A local Hong Kong number is quite useful, as many of my business associates in Asia do not like the extra long distance charges to Canada when I am actually just a few miles away. Note that I already use an unlocked phone with pay as you go plans, but that only works with voice, not data (except with China Mobile). What I want to do is only have the one BES - my corporate BES, and not to have duplicate e-mails, etc. when I change out SIM cards.

    I gather from the forums that both phone carriers would require BES accounts at the carrier to allow BES access across their respective networks, as a basic data plan would not allow this - is this correct?

    From a cost standpoint, it still looks cheaper to handle roaming/international plans from a Hong Kong carrier for SE Asia than from Canada, even with the additional overhead of two monthly plans.

    Has anyone tried to do something like this? Thanks in advance for any thoughts/advise that you can provide.
    05-24-09 01:10 AM
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    If corporate is putting pressure on you then give them the bill. Otherwise do what you want.

    Your questions about the each carrier requiring BES plans is correct.
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    05-24-09 08:29 AM