1. jtip1025's Avatar
    I just bought a memory card for my bb, is there any way I can move applications to it, for example Google Maps, or Facebook. I wanted to try and free up a little space. I figured out how to move pictures but I can't seem to figure out how to move applications.

    I tried searching but haven't found anything...
    05-07-08 03:46 PM
  2. axeberry's Avatar
    I don't think you can, sorry.
    05-07-08 03:47 PM
  3. jtip1025's Avatar
    I was afraid of that....
    05-07-08 03:50 PM
  4. jenaywins's Avatar
    Nope, sorry to confirm, but you can't. You can only store "media" files like pictures, music, etc. Actual applications have to be kept on the phone. If you want to clear up memoury, just stick to the good ol' fashioned techniques.. ya know.. battery pull once or twice a week, making sure tons of apps arent running in the background, and clearing out your internet cache frequently.
    05-07-08 03:53 PM
  5. jtip1025's Avatar
    Will do...What does pulling the battery do? I didn't know about that. Thanks for your help!
    05-07-08 03:55 PM
  6. jenaywins's Avatar
    you're welcome! the battery pull just kinda is like.. oh how to word this...

    it sort of just "resets" your phone and clears up any issues that it may have like lagging, etc. for whatever reason, it too clears up memoury. seriously try this.. check your available memoury under the status menu. then do the battery pull and check it again. youll have tons of freed up space.
    05-07-08 03:57 PM
  7. jtip1025's Avatar
    Wow...it cleared up a ton of memory!
    05-07-08 04:02 PM
  8. Tain's Avatar
    Free application called SOFT RESET sometimes saves pulling the battery - Does the same thing...
    05-07-08 04:07 PM
  9. jenaywins's Avatar
    Wow...it cleared up a ton of memory!
    see, told ya!
    05-07-08 04:44 PM
  10. axeberry's Avatar
    You could also just remember to properly "exit" your applications instead of just hitting the back button. That just keeps in running the background. Also, you don't need software to do a soft reset. alt-shift-backspace works just fine. I always try to keep atleast half of my flash available.
    05-08-08 10:26 PM