1. wwrightsc's Avatar
    Ok, so I was an Alltel customer before the Verizon bailout. At the time I had a razr. I later broke the razr and got an LG enV3 at full retail without switching plans. I recently broke the enV and my sister has promised to give me her old Alltel BlackBerry. Will this work since I still have an Alltel plan on the verizon network but have had a Verizon device?
    01-23-11 12:26 AM
  2. MrLynd54's Avatar
    Well, Alltel has been absorbed by AT&T. People who are with Alltel are being offered AT&T phones. I am not sure if this is happening in your part of the country, but in the NorthWest, Alltel stores and employees well be converting very very soon to AT&T.
    01-23-11 12:55 AM
  3. Heavy Fluid's Avatar
    In other parts of the country, Alltel was absorbed by Verizon Wireless. You would need to check.

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    01-23-11 12:58 AM
  4. Motorcycle Mama's Avatar
    It you were absorbed into Verizon and are still on an Alltel plan, then you typically can activate an Alltel device on that plan. However, if you are not already on a smartphone/BlackBerry plan, you might not be able to.

    If you are on a Verizon plan, then you cannot activate an Alltel device at all.
    01-23-11 07:05 AM