1. Chris-K's Avatar
    When I read hotmail on my PC it also gets marked 'as read' on BB - but if i read it on the BB it doesn't get marked on my PC - Is there a way to cause that to happen

    Also have lot of stuff (gazzilions) in my BB inbox - if i delete it from server should it also delete it from BB - haven't discovered a way to delete more than one email at a time
    08-28-10 04:36 AM
  2. Pete6's Avatar
    To mark one email, go to Messages, hover over the email, press Menu and scroll down to Mark Opened.

    To process multiple contiguous emails, hover over the topmost email and scroll down whilst holding the shift key. at the end of your desired list, press Menu and again select Mark Opened.
    08-28-10 04:45 AM
  3. Chris-K's Avatar
    I can mark them on my BB

    Wanted to know how to sync 'read' emails on my BB with hotmail account (the hotmail account already syncs 'read' emails with BB)

    If I read an email on hotmail - it also marks that same email 'as read' on my BB (even if the BB already has it as new email)
    If I read an email on BB - it does not mark that same email 'as read' on my hotmail

    I want to know how to cause that to happen (the synchronisation)
    08-28-10 05:25 AM